DoD – another good example

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This is an example of a good and real Definition of Done list, I helped the team to create.


  • Coding is done according to agreed coding standards. Rules of compliance are at least x%
  • Code is properly documented
  • Peer(s) reviewed the code carefully and at least N approvals received
  • Unit tests are written and passing
  • Acceptance tests are automated according to acceptance criteria and passing
  • All code written is pushed to the repository
  • CI system successfully builds with the newly pushed code. Build with tests is green/sunny
  • Documentation on wiki is written or updated
  • Overall code (test) coverage is minimum Y%
  • All strings are Localized and IDs are updated on wiki
  • All sub-tasks are done and JIRA is updated

Marko MajkicDoD – another good example

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