#Estimate vs. #Noestimate

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Here are pros and cons for #Estimates vs #NoEstimates. I don’t judge. I believe that there is no general rule for using these, but you need to listen and to help client/team/managers to make the decision which is the most useful for the product/project.




  • Gives stakeholders (rough, more or less) idea about features and project size;
  • Ignites the discussion within a team;
  • Team is learning through process of estimation


  • Estimates are usually wrong;
  • Time for a team to estimate is a waste;
  • Estimations in time



  • Force small (comparable) size of user stories;
  • No time (waste) for estimation – start working immediately;


  • Client is blind for deadline;
  • Needs great trust in team;
  • possibly no discussion in planning phase;
  • possibly big user stories in sprint breaks the concept;
  • User stories need to have business value – sometimes splitting user stories are loosing business value.

Marko Majkic#Estimate vs. #Noestimate

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