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Technology Leadership

Being in the technology trenches – from algorithmic programming, via simple and very complex systems software development, DevOps, system administration of vast of different services and servers, I developed deep knowledge and understanding of how technologies can support business in the most efficient way. I speak both, technical and business languages, being able to work on the both sides and lead the teams to the company goals. I know what it takes to choose the right technology and how to plan and lead the implementation of the solution.

Strategic Planning

I can plan and deliver both, near-term and long-term goals. I worked on strategic plans with executive teams and sharing them with the other teams, making them workable, real life and deliverable. I don’t know all the answers, but I am very good in asking right questions and supporting people who know the answers in the process of getting them. I am excellent in leading executive teams in defining a vision and then in strategic planning of product vision and product delivery plan.

Performance Optimization

I worked in very interesting and challenging optimizations on both, technology systems and process sides. I worked on technology optimizations which brought significant expansion capacities for the business. Also, I was working in process monitoring, finding issues and bottlenecks in it and repairing it. I’m a big fan of lean and agile principles and practices in an improvement of software development processes.

New Business Development

I’m thrilled when I have the opportunity to work on a new product, new project and supporting a new business. I worked on several occasions with teams (business and engineering) developing new products from the scratch. I know what it takes to move things fast forward in order to bring company vision to the reality.

World Class Organization

I worked in different organization setups and was always interested in challenging organizational issues, enabling communication between organizational parts, department, and teams. I know how to scale software organizations, mitigating the risk of complexity overhead. I am pretty knowledgeable and experienced about different scaling frameworks like SAFe.

Multi-Site Operations

I had the opportunity to lead and to work with remote teams, multi-cultural, multi-time-zoned, multidisciplinary and multi-domain, being responsible for functioning of the whole project as a whole, dealing with all the obstacles on the way.

Consensus Building and Teaming

Although on my leadership and management path I learned to adjust my leadership style to the organization, project, and the team, still my dominant and the most natural leadership style is a coaching style. I know what it takes to move the team (executive, business, engineering) to the most productive phase and how to use constructive conflicts in the team for a project, team, and organizational benefits.

Best Practices Benchmarking

I’m against measuring for the measuring purposes only. But, I am good at connecting business goals with smart collecting data and I know how to get the value of measured, collected and properly interpreted data.

Marko MajkicI can help you with…