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This is a list of preparation tasks which might be useful for Scrum fresh start.

• Defining Scrum Team. 

• The Product’s pre sales estimation is already handy. 

• The stake holders are aware of Agile and Scrum. 

• Delivery In charge / Client Servicing if required is in place and understands the product. 

• Metrics to monitor the product progress in terms of monthly reporting is being decided depending on the Fix Cost – Fix Scope or Managed Team model. 

• DevOps or Architecture team is available when required, such teams would be available in initial Architecture / Environment finalization. 

StakeHolder’s Vision Call 

• A direct call with the Stakeholders, so that everyone on board should be introduced to the Stakeholders. 

• Profile if required should be shared with the Stakeholders. 

Infrastructure preparedness 

Depending on the requirement of the product environments & tools need to be setup. 

• A Typical Environment Structure would be. 1 DEV + 1 STAGING / DEMO + 1 Production 

• Tools like JIRA / Confluence / Stash needs to be setup depending on the scale of the product. 

• Communication Tools like Dropbox / G Drive + Slack needs to be setup as well for swifter and Faster Communication 

• If client needs to monitor Epic level progress on some other tool then Asana / Trello can be used. 

• Calendar Invites via Google / Outlook is a must. 

Architecture and other tasks: – 

• Application architecture should be in place. 

• Server architecture should be in place. 

• Database architecture should be defined. 

• Database recovery and daily back up plan should be in place. 

• If cronjob’s are to be used then their architecture should be defined. 

• Disaster recovery should be in place. 

Scrum Preparedness 

• It is assumed that the selected team is already aware of Scrum and Agile and shall easily follow the processes required. 

• If they are not then they shall be trained by the scrum master. 

• A Proper Sprint Calendar is prepared in which the following is finalized 

• Sprint Length 

• Timing of different meetings (Sprint Planning & Sprint Review) along with the Stake holder is finalized so that there is no to and fro for the meetings. 

• Team finalizes the Days for Sprint Start and Sprint End. 

Definition Preparedness 

In order to avoid misunderstanding and discontented clients it is important to finalize certain 

definitions well in advance 

• Definition of done 

• Definition of Ready 

• Coding Standards 

• Initial Architecture / Server Configurations / Application or Frameworks 

• Test Strategy (Manual / Automation) 

RoadMap Clarity 

It is important to have a discussion on roadmap along with the team to give the team a bigger picture which shall keep the team motivated and excited about the product. This needs to be done by the Stake holders along with the Product Owner 

Release Plan Discussion 

• Based on the initial scope a high level Epics needs to be planned and entered in the JIRA for further discussion 

• These Epics needs to be Estimated at the epic level to know what is the estimated size of the first release 

• Depending on the team strength and their velocity an approximate Release date needs to be finalized and it should be communicated to the team. 

Product Backlog Creation 

• The High level Epics needs to be prioritized whether they are technical (framework installation or DB design) or business epics or features 

• Epics for the first and the second sprint needs to be groomed into multiple stories so that they can be estimated at the story level as well. 

• These stories also need to be prioritized depending on the dependency as well as business value. 

• The Grooming of these stories are important to start the Sprint 1.

*This list was taken from the internet – I believe some LinkedIn post and will be altered

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