My Story

I’m passionate about software development and creating great software, delivering something that I and all other people will love to use.

I started programming in 1982 using paper before I got my first computer, ZX Spectrum 48k in 1985. Since then, I love programming, and I was always challenged to make things better, using whatever I could, and mostly it was software.

Since 2006 I found out that I could improve my soft skills and could contribute to teams and organization, getting into the agile world and Scrum. Since then, being hooked on software, I was hooked on agile too. After that I worked in several companies and teams, being in several agile and Scrum roles, using and improving my strong technical background, improving significantly in communication, goal setting and achieving and coaching skills to help myself and the teams to excel. Although I’m pretty experienced now, I’m still learning, I’m willing to change, and I enjoy it.

Competent, highly motivated and agile teams deliver software of the most exceptional value. I am on the mission of creating such teams and helping teams to become highly effective and efficient, providing high value to the business. I’m enjoying working with the teams unlocking their potential for greatness. I’m using my strong technical background, agile and coaching competencies to improve the processes, communication and guiding people improving themselves.

I am a Certified Agile Leader (CAL 1), Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Product Owner, Certified Scrum Professional, ECA Business and Management Coach, NLP Practitioner, Master, Coach, and Trainer. I hold a BSc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

I am in software development for more than 30 years, of which more than 20 professionally, wearing different hats: Junior Developer, System Administrator, Intermediate Developer, Senior Developer, Software Architect, Team Lead, Head of Software Department, Release Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Consultant, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile&Scrum Coach, Director of Engineering, Managing Director and probably many more. I’m a guitar player (I was good long time ago, now playing for my kids only), karate master of 4th DAN (not in shape currently) and I don’t lack life and professional experience.

I’m also the father of two beautiful boys and husband of the great woman.

Technical Leader

I’m passionate about software and technology for more than 30 years. I’m happy to have long history and rich experience of successful implementation of software projects in different industries and in different roles.

Organizational Competences

I successfully worked on setting up and changing processes and organizational patterns and culture to achieve long and short term companies’ goals.

Agile Leader

Being in an agile world for 10+ years brought me a lot of joy, learning, experience, and wisdom. I’m the first CSP in South-Eastern Europe and I led one of the first implementation in local communities.

Experienced Manager & Executive

Having a lot experience with technology and business, being in trenches and in the first lines of software engineering helped me to work with executive teams and business and to make bridges between business and engineering. I’m happy to be able to see the big picture and to have details at the same time. I’m capable of communicating with all the people in the process in their language.





Being for more than 30 years in computers and software brought a lot of knowledge and experience to my life. I’m passionate about the technology and software. I’m feeling lucky to be in position to be involved in and to lead some of the really great and big projects, teams and organizations.


Had an opportunity to lear from waterfall fails and than for more than decade from agile ups and downs made me pretty knowledgable and experienced in ways of software development. I am able to listen, observe, learn and make tough decisions, leading an organization towards its goals.


Being an agilist for more than a decade, I’ve been wearing many hats, seen many problems, solved most of them and learned a lot. I’m proficient with Scrum, Kanban, Technical practices (like XP), Lean, SAFe and many more. I really love hitting a goal, delivering great software in time and work in happy, successful environment.


Working with people and their development for years, I learned how to make my leadership styles flexible for the benefit of people I’m working with. Although, still, my dominant leadership style is coaching style and  I’m the most comfortable when I’m helping people to develop in the best versions of themselves. I believe that, if people are treated well and coached on their development path, they can contribute the organization in the best possible way.



Senior Agile Coach
HUBX (2018 – present)

Coaching, consulting, mentoring, teaching and leading teams and organization in finding better ways to organize product development and delivery using agile methods, methodologies, frameworks and ways.

Senior Agile Consultant
TMS (2018 – present)

Helping teams and the organization to grow and find better ways for great products development.

Everwise (2017 – present)

Everwise connects employees with the people, resources and feedback they need to be more successful at every stage of their career. As an Everwise mentor, I help guide high-potential professionals to make the most of their leadership capabilities

Owner & Consultant
Agile Consulting Agilers (2016 – present)

Helping companies to find a better ways of developing magnificent software products. I’m helping in different roles: Consultant, Coach, Trainer

Managing Director
TTI/ConveyIQ (2016 – 2018)

Leading Serbian office and the team on the path of achieving magnificent results.

Director of Engineering/Agile Project Manager
TTI/ConveyIQ (2016 – 2018)

Consolidated complete development process, including agile practices and the quality and get the product on track. Created agile environment, worked with executive team and the engineering teams on establishing agile practices and embracing agile principles. Revived product backlog using User Story Mapping and Impact Mapping.

Certified Agile Leadership I (2017)


Coaching Agile Teams (2015)


Release Manager/Senior Scrum Master
TomTom (2014-2016)

Released “the most complex product in TomTom history”, Bandit camera, project worth 50M EUR. I organised and led five software teams on critical mission path with very strict deadline dates. Software development was pretty coupled with hardware release dates, so I successfully applied agile practices to release successfully


Scrum Master/Senior Software Engineer
Sungard (2013 – 2014)

Initiation of 50M project of post-trade derivatives software. Evaluated and released full developer environment/infrastructure. Introduced agile processes within four initial teams. Developed the first version of custom, domain specific, NoSQL structure to comply with the high performance PTD requirements.

ECA Business and Management Coach (2011)


Head of Software Department
BeotelNet (2008-2013)

Delivered high quality, technology state of art, ERP size, ISP specific eco-system, including more than dozen autonomous applications and services. Output was more than a million lines in the codebase (tests not included). Enabled average growth of 30% a year including new prospects and savings in business processes.

Senior Java Developer
Mogul (2007-2008)

Technical Lead and software engineer for several Nordic media companies portal projects. Delivered in time, on budget with happy clients. Worked on J2EE web application including several cutting edge (at the time) Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Struts2, Acegi security etc.


Senior Portal Developer
Qualysoft (2006-2007)

Developed the most popular local social portal in Serbia ( at the time, using Drupal for proof of concept and full stack Java web application via AndroMDA. Worked on J2EE web application including several cutting edge (at the time) Java frameworks like Spring, Hibernate, Struts2, Acegi security etc. Also, I led Qualysoft team during critical phase of project start, together with Accenture team on Telenor Oracle E-Business Suite project.



Software Engineer/System Administrator
Telefonija/BeotelNet (2003-2006)

Developed several in-house and for the clients applications, PHP/MySQL and Java based. Improved completed hosting system (Linux and Windows). Created modern (at the time) virtual infrastructure using VMWare software stack.



Software Engineer
Freelance (2002-2003)

Developed several applications for the clients using Delphi/MSSQL, PHP/MySQL for Windows and Linux. Covered business domain, ERP modules.


Software Engineer
Mikrokom (2000-2002)

Worked on ERP systems for several big Serbian companies using Delphi and different databases (MSSQL, Interbase, Paradox). Introduced Delphi for web applications in the company.

Software Engineer/System Integrator
Freelance (1995-2000)

Worked on development of smaller modules using Pascal and C. Installation and integration software/hardware/network for several small Serbian companies.


CSP Certificate


CSM Certificate

Bachelor EE, Computer Science and Telecommunications

Engineer of Electronics and Telecommunication



  • Delivered a new generation of completely new product which should drive the company to another round (Series C) of financing;
  • Consolidated Software Development Processes.
  • Established high agile development standards in the product team and engineering
  • Established great communication between NY and Belgrade teams, between Product and Engineering departments.
  • Worked on growing of Belgrade team on sustainable pace.

  • Delivered a new generation of Live product;
  • Consolidated Product backlog – worked with the executive team, the product team on translating company vision to product vision to product roadmap. Using this product roadmap, themes and epics to groom the backlog and release workable items creating high quality Product Backlog.
  • Established high agile development standards in the product team and engineering
  • Established great communication between NY and Belgrade teams, between Product and Engineering departments.
  • Trained Engineering team in agile, coached the team and the individuals on regular basis.

The most sophisticated and smartest action camera on the Market: TomTom Bandit Action Camera. I led complete eco-system, several co-located and remote teams, introduced agile principles and practices, training and coaching the teams. Worked with other managers and executives on establishing agile culture. Being responsible for release process, including on time, on budget and on cadence delivery.

World class, high scale and volume Post Trade Derivatives software. I led initial agile and Scrum introduction and implementation. I designed and implemented complete development infrastructure including project management tools, CI system, versioning system, wiki. I developed completely custom NoSQL structure using Java to comply with the high performance and high volume PTD requirements.

Delivered high quality, technology state of art, ERP size, ISP specific eco-system, including more than dozen autonomous applications and services. Output was more than half a million lines in the codebase (tests not included) in main (Sunflower) app only. Enabled average growth of 30%  a year including new prospects and savings in business processes.

Full project list on this page.


…I contributed to.
And I was (or still am) proud to be part of.





HR Business Partner at UniCredit Bank

“Marko is an inspiration to all of us who have a pleasure of working or knowing him. He is goal oriented, always searching for new ways to improve his technical and soft skills. Even more important is that he is a dedicated father, husband, and friend.”


Senior Software Developer at Digital Performance GmbH

“Marko is a real servant leader as he often represents himself. He is very precise and enthusiastic in whatever he does. He is a man with many skills, continually improving, and trying out new things.
It was an honor working in his team. He is a real inspiration to all of us who have a pleasure of working or knowing him.”


Head of Financial Department at BeotelNet ISP

“Marko is a delightful person to cooperate. He will always listen to me and advise if I asked. He is an exciting and sympathetic, and I often talk to him. Sometimes we exchange funny emails, and it is my favorite part of the day. I m glad to know him.”


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List of Agile Practices


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It is up to you to utilize this list and to choose which is the most suitable and useful for your team, project or organization.
Experiment and enjoy.

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